In an era where Google Earth extends fly-over access to nearly any spot on the globe, it is amazing to realize that technology is no substitute for the numerous caricature map prints of yore, executed before there were airplanes, cameras or computers.

It is even more ironic that despite the “digital revolution” little has changed about the manner in which caricature maps are created. Nor has it decreased the demand for the handful of itinerant specialists that keep the centuries-old tradition alive.

With an emphasis on object and style, our whimsical caricature maps continue in the vein of this proud tradition - rendering a finished product that mesh a complex interplay of differing scales (including but not limited to individual buildings, landmarks and street patterns) into a unified image which offers the viewer a sense of familiarity and ease of recognition.

Most importantly each “mini-masterpiece” documents a unique story which merits recognition in its adjacent location’s historical archives.

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